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Apeks Quantum   Suunto Titanium Stinger ACW Rubber Strap
"This wrist type computer has clear visible display. It is supplied complete with strap, but the same unit can be put into the Apeks Pivot rubber housing which will be available later this year.Reliable mechanism; weight 115gBattery life approximately 3 yearsNitrox compatible - mix one may be set for Air (21%) to 50%, mix two may be set for Air (21%) to 99%. Features include:Altitude correction Panel illumination Low battery indicator Current depth Maximum depth Dive time Non-deco limit Total ascent time Current water temperature Ascent rate indicator Personal safety factor Residual nitrogen indicator Repetative dive Out of ceiling depth warning Out of range warning Ascent rate warning Dive time alarm Max depth alarm Sea/fresh water change Current PO2 PO2 limit warning OLI warning Oxygen limited indicator Surface interval time Desaturation time Do not fly indicator Gauge mode Dive planning mode Dive log memories 60 hours active dive time Profile memories Safety stop"   Titanium version of the standard Suunto Stinger ACW. With rubber straps. The Suunto Stinger A.C.W. is the only Advanced Computer Watch in the world with separate Air, Nitrox and Free/Gauge modes, every one included with detailed profile memory. It is a full decompression dive computer and beautifully constructed compact-size watch in a rock-solid package. A multitude of advanced features such as nitrox, freediving, gauge modes, user selectable metric/imperial units, safety stop countdown, adjustable profile memory sampling rate, underwater stopwatch and bookmarks are easily accessible. The decompression calculations are made with the Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model, RGBM. DIVE COMPUTER FUNCTIONS As a highly sophisticated multi-level dive computer in every sense Stinger monitors and reports vital information such as your dive time, current depth, maximum depth, no-decompression time and ascent time.
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