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Cayman Islands

If you could drain all the water out of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands would be an amazing sight indeed! Like towering sky-scrapers they rise from the abyssal plains of the Central Caribbean. Throw in some gin-clear water and for divers this means some of the most amazing wall diving in the world.

10 years ago Wayne Hasson started the Aggressor Fleet in the Cayman Islands with the original Aggressor! The Cayman Aggressor IV operates a weekly cruise from George Town Harbour, heading for the vertical walls of Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, synonymous with some of the finest clear waters and deep drop-offs that the Caribbean has to offer! Incredible Stingray City, where you can interact with wild stingrays that have become decidedly friendly is one of the most thrilling dives in the world, and at 12ft, one of the easiest! The North & South Walls and Driftwood Wall offer plunging coral cliffs festooned with corals and sponges, split by caves full of spiny lobsters and glassfish chased by tarpon. From Grand Cayman and weather permitting, the Cayman Aggressor will travel across to Little Cayman where mighty Bloody Bay Wall awaits your discovery! The incredible drop off plunges some 7000ft straight down into the "whoop-whoop"! At Little Cayman you are also more than likely to encounter Molly the manta, a charming and friendly ray who will perform acrobatic tricks in front of amazed - an amused - divers for hours on end, if given half the chance!



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