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Straddling the International Dateline, Fiji is one of the most exotic and beautiful countries in the world. A popular honeymoon destination, the 300 islands that make up Fiji total an area of some 18,000 square miles but are spread across over a quarter of a million square miles of the South Pacific; they consist of the larger islands of Vanua Levu, Viti Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu and numerous smaller archipelagos such as the Lau, Yasawa & Fulaga Groups. The islands are the remains of long extinct volcanos, the larger islands to the west being younger and less eroded than those to the east and south east. The more remote islands tend to be a mixture of atolls or slowly sinking high islands with stunning turquoise lagoons surrounded by coral reef systems of intricate and delicate beauty. The islands of Moce, Fulaga and Vanua Balavu must surely rival even Bora Bora for title of having the most beautiful lagoon in the world!

Only about 100 of the Fijian islands are inhabited, and once you get away form the more touristy areas you will encounter a way of life that is as relaxed and romantic as any that can be found! People go about their daily lives in a way that is little changed form when Europeans first encountered them in the 17th Century. Fishing, copra production, carving & weaving and of course brewing fierycava are all traditions that have remained. Fortunately for us cannibalism is a trait that has since died out!

Fiji has arguably the best soft coral diving in the world. Strong currents sweep nutrient laden water through the islands twice a day, the perfect medium for the growth of Alcyonacea corals in very colour of the rainbow - and a few more besides! Almost every rock and hard coral is bedecked in pink, yellow, white, red, purple and orange "cauliflowers". Don't just stand back and admire the grand view! Hidden amongst the delicate fronds can be found coral crabs, spider crabs, tiny shells, and other hidden treasures. Such dive sites as the Yellow Wall, Great White Wall and Rainbow's End in the Somosomo Straits guaranteed Fiji's place in the Soft Coral Hall of Fame many years ago. Since then numerous more soft coral dives have been discovered, and more will be found in the future, no doubt. While Fiji is justifiably famous for it's soft corals, its hard coral formations are of exquisite beauty; great stepped formations of plate and staghorn corals (covered in soft corals!) march from the surface down to the depths. Infinite schools of colourful tropical fish dart across their colourful domain - anthias, fairy basslets, humbugs, moorish idols, pennantfish, numerous species of butterflyfish busy from one place to the next. Off the reef edge can be seen schools of jacks and barracuda, turtles, mantas, sharks and other pelagics. Fiji has it all!

It is an unstated but well known fact that when it comes to diving Fiji is almost as untouched as somewhere like Papua New Guinea. The popular resort areas are located on the main island of Viti Levu and the Mamanuca Islands. That's not to say the diving in these areas is bad - far from it. It's just that Fiji is so vast and spread over such a huge area that it is almost impossible for a single person, let alone a live-aboard, to cover all the bases!

We have expanded our portfolio of destinations within Fiji to provide a varied range of options in respect of both quality of accommodation and areas to dive. None tread on the others' toes, as it were, so you can be assured that a two or three centred holiday will be perfectly balanced.

Firstly, we offer the fabulous 10-guest Fiji Aggressor II, looking more like a luxury private yacht than a live-aboard dive boat, diving the sites of Gau, Wakaya, Namena, & Koro Islands to the east of Viti Levu on 7 day charters. The Nai'a is another stunning luxury live-aboard that dives the northern areas of Lomaiviti, Bligh Water and Namena, famous for their prolfici corals.

For lovers of hotel-based diving we also offer a choice of properties throughout Fiji. On Taveuni, Maravu Plantation Resort, from where you can dive the world-famous Rainbow Reef of the Somosomo Straits, is surely one of the most beautiful & romantic resorts in the world. At Rakiraki on Viti Levu's northern Sun Coast we have the lovely Wananavu Beach Resort, accessing the dive sites of Blight waters. Off Viti Levu's Sourthern Coral Coast is Beqa Lagoon and the lovely Beqa Island Resort, offering spectacular reef diving in Beqa Lagoon. Just half an hour away on the mainland at Pacific Harbour can be found the famous dive site of Shark Reef, where bull sharks, tiger sharks and a host of other large predatory fish which can be enjoyed from the comfiort of the Pearl Resort. And for those who are looking for a get-away-fron-it-all holiday, British-run Matava Resort on remote Kadavu provides access to the world famous Great Astrolabe Reef (and lots of manta rays!) in a rustic and unspoilt atmospehere.

We would heartily recommend that you consider a combination of live-aboard and one of the resorts or a two-resort holiday to really get a flavour of what Fiji has to offer!

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