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Bay Islands, Honduras

The reefs off the coast of Honduras are part of the largest reef system in the Western Hemisphere, the southern section of a barrier reef that runs from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, through Belize to Honduras. Located in the Western Caribbean, the Bay Islands are a group of unspoilt and idyllic islands that lend themselves to watersports. The beaches of the Bay Islands are famed as being perhaps the best in the Caribbean. Roatan, the largest island, is encircled by a fringing reef of rare and delicate beauty that makes it one of the most spectacular diving locations in the Caribbean. As with the majority of the Caribbean, the most conspicuous residents on the reef are sponges, in every conceivable size, shape and colour. However, Honduras' hard corals are well developed, having the perfect medium in which to grow - shallow, sun-lit waters close to a deep, nutrient-rich oceanic basin. Sea fans and soft corals bedeck the sponges and hard corals, and a multitude of reef-dwelling fish such as tang, grunts, hamlets and grouper scurry to and fro. In the deep waters off the edge of the drop-offs a multitude of pelagic species can be seen, including sharks, pompano and jacks. We offer two options in the Bay Islands, a resort-based holiday at Fantasy Island Beach Resort, and a live-aboard, the Bay Islands Aggressor.

Land Tours in Honduras

Honduras has many archaeological ruins dating from the 10th to 14th Centuries, including Mayan temples and cities. Copan in particular is well worth a visit. The largest Mayan settlement in Honduras, Copan consists of a "Great Plaza", a central acropolis of stepped pyramids and temples and a wealth of outlying buildings, roads and structures still buried within the rainforest.




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