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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. Spread over hundereds of thousands of square miles of sea, dividing the Pacific from the Indian Ocean, over 17,500 islands, ranging from tiny coral islets to the large islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi Indonesia os one of the most geologically active and culturally diverse nations on earth.

It's important geographical location between Europe and East Asia made Indonesia an important player in early trade routes, the Dutch coming to dominate trade and colonisation for 3 and a half centuries, until it finally gained independce after World War II. The famed Spice Islands of the Mollucas - a huge revenue earner for Holland - provided an endless supply of exotic spices to be traded across Europe.

The country can be split into various parts. In the west and south the island chain that runs from Sumatra south-east through Bali, Lombok, Sunda and Flores to Timor; the north, Indonesia's major part of Borneo, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, looking like a gnarled hand; to the east, West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) the western half of New Guinea; and between Sulawesi and West Papua the Moluccas, spread acroos the Banda Sea. While all areas of Indonesia are typically "tropical" they are culturally diverse, from the ancient Melanesian tribes of the Papuan highlands to the majority Austronesians of Java, Sumatra and Borneo. In all there are over 300 distinct ethnics groups in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the most volcanic nation on earth. On the western egde of the "Ring Of Fire" the country boats some 150 active volcanos including Krakatoa and Tambora in the Lesser Sunda Islands and Mount Mahawu in Northern Sulawesi. Everywhere can be seen the majestic conical shaped mountains rising skywards.

While logging has taken a heavy toll on Indonesia's vast fainforests, particularly on the larger islands of Sumatra, Java and Borneo, the there is still plenty of rainforest still to be seen, home to rare species such as tigers, rhinos, orang utans and other mammals. On the islands of Komodo and Rinca can be seen the world's largerst lizard, the 10ft Komodo Dragon. In West Papua beautiful Birds of Paradise can be seen in the remote forests of the hinterland.

Indonesia, along with Papua New Guinea, straddles the area of the tropics with the highest range of marine biodiversity in the world. There are more species of fish and coral here than anywhere else. The huge variety of topography means that every kind of tropical marine habitat can be found - vertical walls, fringing reefs, mangrove swamps, barrier reefs, patch reefs, pinnacles and, in certain places, the coral bedecked hulks of ships from World War II and earlier.

We offer diving in three disticnt areas of Indonesia. Firstly, the area between Bali, Lombok, Flores and Alor, where the liveaboard Komodo Dancer sails on regular 10 night departures and the Seahorse offers 7 night cruises. Here can be found beautiful reefs, enriched by deep ocean waters welling up from the Indian Ocean, home to manta rays, sharks, swirling schools of fish and of course a host of wonderful critters! Secondly, the area around Manado in North Sulawesi; Bunaken, Bangka Island and the world famous Lembeh Straits. While there are some stunning reefs in this area, it is for the weird an wonderful critters that make N Sulawesi their home that makes this area so special and rewarding. If you're into your critters, look no further! Here we offer a range of resorts; Kungkungan Bay resort, Lembeh Resort and Gangga Island Resort will provide you with access to fabulous diving in Lembeh and beyond. Paradise Dancer spends 6 months of the year in Manado before heading to the third area in which we offer diving. Raja Ampat, the "Bird's Head Peninsula" at the western end of West Papua offers perhaps the most exciting and beautiful diving in the world. Here the marine biodiversity is mind bogglingly rich; there are more species of fish, coral and invertebrates than anywhere else. New and exciting discoveries are being made all the time! In Raja Ampat we offer land based diving at Kri Eco Resort, Sorido Bay resort and the remote and beautiful Misool Eco Resort and liveboard diving aboard Paradise Dancer and Seahorse.

We can arrange a combination of two (or all three!) of these stunning areas to make an unsurpassable diving holiday, or you can spend more time in one place and concentrate on the incredible marine life it has to offer. We are also able to offer land tours such as cultural exchanges and rainforest adventures to compliment the diving, if you so desire.




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