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Bikini Atoll is now open again!

This time, however, Bikini will be accessed from MV Windward, a liveaboard that has been negotiating hard with the Bikini Government to secure access to what are, without a doubt, the finest shipwrecks in the world. Carrying just 10 passengers, Windward will start her cruise in Kwajalein, visiting some of the rarely dived wrecks of the world’s largest atoll, including the Prinz Eugen, and will then sail to Bikini to dive such legendary ships as the Saratoga, Nagato, Arkansas, Lamson and Apogon. The dive guide on board will be Edward Maddison, who was the Bikinian divemaster before the resort closed.

For technical divers, Trimix and sorb are available on board, so there is no longer the hassle of lugging great piles of clobber half way across the world. And because the trip start and finishes in Kwajalein, there’s no internal flight to consider, so luggage is not restricted in the same way as it was before.

The cruises tie in with Continental Airlines flights from Honolulu that go via Majuro, Kwajalein, Ponphei and Kosrae on to Truk and Guam (and on the return!) This means no hotel accommodation is required in Majuro, though a night in Honolulu will be out bound.

Currently the boat is available for charter for 10 passengers, and the rate  is £3000/US $4650 per person, plus £130/$200 Bikini Atoll fee, but will open up for individuals shortly.

The current cruise schedule is as follows:

04 June – 16 June 2011
18 June – 30 June
02 July – 14 July
16 July – 28 July
30 July – 11 August
13 August  – 25 August
27 August – 08 September
10 September – 22 September
24 September – 06 October

08 October – 20 October
22 October – 03 November
05 November – 17 November
19 November – 01 December
03 December – 15 December
17 December – 29 December
31 December – 12 January 2012
14 January – 26 January

Please remember that the Scuba Safaris team has first hand experience of diving Bikini Atoll on a number of occasions, as well as Rongelap & Likiep Atolls, and are very acquainted with  travel to and through the Marshall Islands!  We are also ATOL bonded for your financial peace of mind!




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